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Become a Candidate for Implants With Bone Grafting

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Create the Right Environment for Implant Success

Has bone loss in the jaw affected your ability to replace missing teeth with dental implants? Bone grafting may be the solution you need to rebuild lost bone and create adequate support for successful tooth replacement with implants. Bone loss is most often caused by gum disease and chronic tooth loss. Our multi-specialty team of general dentists and periodontist have years of experience regrowing and restoring bone in the jaw for dental implants through advanced bone grafting procedures, even in complex cases. At Select Dental, we can complete your entire implant procedure from the comfort of our state-of-the-art practices, customizing your bone grafting care to ensure long-term support for your dental implants and smile.

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What is a dental bone graft?

How Can You Benefit From Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting rebuilds the jawbone to a level that is ideal for supporting tooth replacement with implants, whether you need single, multiple or full arch tooth replacement. One essential purpose of your jawbone is to firmly support your teeth by holding the roots in place. Bone grafting rebuilds lost bone to ensure your implants are secure for the long-term. Bone grafting offers benefits that include:

  • Enables implant placement
  • Rebuilds bone in the arch
  • Reestablishes natural contours of the jaw
  • Creates a more youthful facial appearance
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Bone Grafting Services for a Variety of Needs

No matter your treatment needs, our team is skilled at performing a variety of bone grafting procedures to facilitate dental implant success. Bone grafting uses bone from your own body or other viable source to rebuild areas of the jaw where bone loss has occurred. In some cases, bone grafting and implant surgery occur simultaneously.

With this bone grafting procedure, we replenish lost bone in the upper or lower arch, reversing indentations left in the jaw by bone loss and establishing proper bone levels for implant support.

Performed immediately following tooth extractions, socket (ridge) preservation adds bone grafting material directly into sockets left in the jaw by tooth roots. This procedure preserves an extraction site for implant placement in the near future.  

Our doctors perform a sinus lift to enable placement of dental implants in the upper molar and premolar areas. We gently elevate the floor of the maxillary sinus and add bone tissue beneath to increase the height and volume of the bone to amount necessary for implant success.

Give your implants lasting success with bone grafting!

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