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Teeth whitening is a common, simple solution to transform dull, yellow or stained tooth enamel into a bright, white smile. As one of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services, teeth whitening lifts away years of stain to create a more youthful, vibrant grin. Our professional Zoom!® and Opalescence® teeth whitening procedures are far more powerful than over-the-counter kits, solutions and pastes, and effectively eliminate a variety of stains and discolorations. Whether you have a wedding or other big event coming up, or just want to enjoy a whiter smile, teeth whitening services from Select Dental are sure to deliver the results you desire!

Teeth Whitening Eliminates Stains Caused by:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Red Wine
  • Certain Medications
  • Berries
  • Spices
  • Nicotine
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Dr. Shoflick offers multiple options for teeth whitening available at Select Dental

Discover the Convenience Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening may be all that is needed to create your perfect smile, or it may be included as part of a smile makeover treatment plan. To make teeth whitening as easy and convenient as possible, we offer both in-office treatment and take-home kits. In-office teeth whitening takes about an hour to complete, whitening your teeth six to eight shades lighter within the convenience of a single visit. If whitening on your own time is more your speed, we make custom teeth whitening trays and send you home with powerful whitening gel, along with instructions for use. Take-home teeth whitening treatments are just as effective, but work on a gradual basis to reach desired results. No matter which method you choose, we always review tips for minimizing future stains and keeping the shade of your teeth bright and vibrant following your teeth whitening treatment.

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