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What Causes Dental Implant Complications?

How We Treat Dental Implant Complications

For cases of dental implant complications caused by peri-implantitis, our doctors may take a traditional or laser approach, depending on the level of severity and treatment needs. Peri-implantitis treatment eliminates bacteria and other debris from the implant site and implant surface. If bone loss or gum recession around the implant has occurred, our periodontist may need to perform bone grafting or gum grafting procedures to rebuild support for your dental implants. No matter your dental implant complications, our multi-specialty team at Select Dental is committed to helping save your dental implant investment.

Signs Your Implants Are at Risk:

  • Bleeding or pus around implant
  • Tenderness or inflammation of implant site
  • Looseness or shifting of implant
  • Exposed metal threads of implant
  • Bone loss or gum recession around implant
  • Pain or discomfort when biting or chewing

Protect Your Smile From Dental Implant Complications

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Keep dental implant complications from affecting your smile.

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