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Laser Dentistry Improves the Patient Experience

Laser techniques provide outstanding results in many facets of healthcare today, and dentistry is no different. At Select Dental, we are committed to bringing best in class care to our family of patients for the ultimate in comfort, convenience and positive dental experiences. Our doctors use advanced training and skill in laser dentistry in a number of procedures to deliver optimal oral health results and incredible smile esthetics. Because of its extreme precision and focus in targeting specific treatment sites, laser dentistry allows us to perform certain treatments faster, more efficiently and often with less need for anesthetic. Laser dentistry is ideal for all patients, including those who are children, medically compromised, and anxious or fearful of the dentist. Let our team help you enjoy positive dental visits and excellence in oral health with our precision laser dentistry techniques!

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Dr. Dean describes symptoms of gum disease and treatment options

Discover the Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers a minimally invasive treatment approach and improved patient comfort during procedures. Other benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • High-level precision and accuracy
  • No need for incisions and sutures
  • No collateral tissue damage
  • Expedited recovery time and fewer visits
laser dentistry Select Dental

Explore Our Laser Dentistry Procedures

We restore oral health and a beautiful smile through a range of cutting-edge laser dentistry procedures:

Tissue recontouring is the process of removing gum and bone tissue in certain areas of the mouth to improve oral health and create a balanced, attractive smile. Using our gentle precision laser, our doctors sculpt and shape the gum line to meet a variety of needs. We can eliminate the appearance of a gummy smile, enable proper placement of a restoration, and enhance the fit and placement of crown and bridge restorations.

We use laser dentistry to treat gum disease with greater patient comfort, reduced treatment times and faster recovery periods. Our advanced soft tissue laser gently eradicates harmful bacteria and diseased tissue, restoring periodontal health without invasive techniques.

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Frenectomies are simple, quick surgical procedures that eliminate lip-ties and tongues ties to improve oral function, comfort and facial appearance. Using laser dentistry to perform frenectomies is safe and gentle enough for even the youngest of patients.

Gingivectomies get rid of excess, overgrown or infected gums tissues to create a healthier gum line and improve cosmetic appeal. Laser dentistry gingivectomies are used in cases of gum disease, post-orthodontic treatment and medication-induced gingival overgrowth, among others.

Experience the benefits of laser dentistry!

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