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Save Your Smile and Relieve Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is often the first sign that a tooth is infected or damaged internally. Infected teeth will not heal on their own, and often require root canal therapy in order to save them from extraction. At Select Dental, we have been treating infected or damaged teeth with root canals and other endodontics treatments for over 50 years, and are highly successful at saving the smiles of our patients with timely, gentle care. Our doctors routinely perform root canals from the convenience of our family practice.

A root canal is a type of endodontics procedure that clears infection from the center of a tooth to restore health and function. In the past, patients tended to fear having a root canal procedure. But thanks to modern technology, today’s root canal procedure is more precise, efficient and comfortable than before. We ensure a comfortable root canal experience by numbing the teeth, bone and nerves, and can provide sedation dentistry services for a relaxed, stress-free visit.

Signs a Root Canal May Be Needed:

  • Dull tooth pain
  • Pimple-like lesion on gums
  • Pain or discomfort upon biting
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Cracked or injured tooth
  • Darkening or graying of tooth
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Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

The Importance of Timely Root Canal Treatment

We begin the root canal procedure by thoroughly numbing the treatment area. Our doctors then remove bacteria and necrotic tissue form the tooth’s center, or pulp. Once the tooth is cleansed and sterilized, we fill the internal portions of the tooth roots and pulp with a special material to rebuild and strengthen the tooth from within. A sedative filling is placed and the tooth is given time to heal. To cover and protect a root canal treated tooth, we typically place a highly esthetic, durable CEREC crown.

As our patient, you never need to fear having a root canal or other endodontics procedure. But it is extremely important that you receive timely treatment in order to save your tooth. Leaving an infected or damaged tooth untreated increases your risk of other health problems, like bone loss, tooth loss, the need for tooth replacement and even systemic illness. If you have signs or symptoms of infected teeth, please do not wait. Let us help you save your oral health and smile with modern root canal care!

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