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The Same Day Solution for Tooth Loss in the Smile Zone

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Same Day Dental Implants Immediately Restore Function and Appearance

Losing a tooth can feel overwhelming for a patient, especially if that tooth shows when you smile. At Select Dental, we have an immediate solution for tooth loss in the smile zone, and it is one that does not require wearing a removable bridge or flipper! Same day dental implants replace both the root and crown portions of a tooth, saving you valuable time, convenience and even cost of care. If you have a hopeless, knocked-out or otherwise damaged tooth in the front of your mouth, same day dental implants may be just the solution you need.

Dental implants are highly preferred for replacing teeth due to their life-long benefits, bone retention and ability to closely mimic natural teeth more than any other option. Our doctors have advanced training and expertise in comprehensive implant dentistry and complete the entire same day dental implants procedure from the comfort and convenience of our office. Same day dental implants allow you to go from extraction to complete tooth replacement in the course of a single visit! Let us use our 50+ years of practice experience to help you regain a confident, healthy smile with same day dental implants.

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Dr. Dean details the process of placing dental implants

Put Our Skill and Expertise to Work for You

Our skilled restorative dentists, Drs. Stuart Shoflick, Matthew McCabe and Krishna Desai collaborate seamlessly with our periodontist, Dr. Arthur Dean, to complete comprehensive same day dental implants from our state-of-the-art practice. Dr. Dean uses cone beam CT imaging to determine exactly where in the jawbone your same day dental implant should be placed and guided implant surgery to ensure it is positioned within the jawbone precisely. If bone loss in the missing tooth site has occurred, he can also rebuild solid bone tissue and support for same day dental implants with advanced bone grafting procedures.

Complete Your Smile in the Convenience of a Single Day

With same day dental implants, you never need to hide your smile or feel embarrassed over tooth loss! Immediately following implant placement by our periodontist, one of our restorative dentists will attach a temporary, natural-looking crown or other restoration to your same day dental implant, rendering your new tooth ready for use the very same day! Once your same day dental implant has fully integrated with the surrounding bone, we will replace the temporary crown for one that is permanent.

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Discover the Advantages of Same Day Dental Implants

Choosing our experienced multi-specialty team to restore a healthy, attractive smile with same day dental implants affords great benefits! We offer a bundle treatment package when implant placement and restoration are both completed within our practice. This provides cost savings on treatment, streamlines your care and keeps you from having to visit several offices to complete your implant procedure. Same day dental implants bring great advantages to your smile:

  • Never go without teeth
  • Restore immediate biting ability
  • Natural look, feel and function
  • Temporary crown placed the same day
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Long-term, predictable results

Perhaps the greatest benefits of same day dental implants, however, are restored self-confidence and high-quality living!

Tooth loss does not have to affect your beautiful smile.

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